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Hop arm

Futuretech Airsoft

Flat and R-hop arm instillation.

Thanks for purchasing the flat or R-hop arm.

This component should be fitted by a professional Airsoft Technician. Fitting is the same for all of our current arms.

The fitting procedure is fairly straightforward, please follow the step by step guide.

1. The parts you need.

You’ll need a hop rubber with smooth internal surface, suitable barrel, hop unit, arm and nub, super glue and a cocktail stick or similar. You’ll probably need a sharp blade of some sort.

2 Test fit.

Insert the barrel without the hop rubber and fit the barrel clip.

Visually check how the window in the barrel lines up with the window in the hop unit, you can increase the size of the barrel window if required.

As you can see in the picture below, the barrel window lines up with the hop window on the right and it’s not as long as the hop window.

3 Cut the patch to size

R-Hop The patch needs to be a fraction shorter than the window.

Flat hop The nub needs to be shorter than the window. This is to allow the bucking’s wall thickness either side of the nub without jamming in the window. Though the bucking will stretch thinner, don’t be tempted to make it too tight.

Cut the patch using a sharp blade. Make the cut as straight and upright as possible.

4 Assembly

Put the bucking on the barrel, if you have removed internal features of the bucking then orientate it so an unmarked section is over the barrel window. Assemble the bucking/barrel into the hop unit, a smear of silicone grease on the outside of the bucking helps but avoid getting any on the seal lips. Attach the barrel clip.

Now is a good time to check that the feed lips don’t look distorted. Put a bb in the hop unit and using a cleaning rod or similar push the bb through the hop lips, it should pass easily with little resistance. If it is hard to push through then the bucking could have stretched or distorted whilst fitting, or your barrel/bucking/hop unit may have compatibility problems. If you have a problem then it needs to be fixed before moving on to the next step.

Insert the nub in the hop unit and be careful to position it over the barrel hole. You can feel when it is in the correct place by gently pressing down on it.

Making sure not to let the nub move, apply a very small amount of super glue to the face of the hop arm. This is best done with a cocktail stick to avoid getting too much glue on the face.

Carefully align the arm with the hop unit (the holes are a good reference) and lower it into place. Fit the pin (this should be a tight fit in the arm) and push the front of the arm down to glue the nub to the arm

Assemble the rest of the hop unit and wind the hop fully on. The mound should protrude into the bore and look flat and even.

Back the adjustment off and assemble into your gun.

Whenever making alterations like this to your airsoft gun test fire it (using safe practice) on single shot. In the event of getting a bb jam full auto will likely damage your gearbox, a slow rate of single fire is far less likely to.

On a range and observing all safety precautions, set your hop up to the correct amount. Moving the wheel of the Futuretech, pro-win and SHS hops down will increase the amount of hop applied to the bb. Moving the wheel up increases the hop in the TM NGRS guns. The hop may do little until it is approximately half way on but make small adjustments as there is only a few degrees of adjustment between not enough hop and too much.

Any queries at all please contact us by email or through our Facebook page.

I hope you found this guide useful and you enjoy using our products.

Game on!

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